Variation #144 of Alive Market 750mg (25mg/ml) Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

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Alive Markets farm-to-bottle CBD tincture allows you to experience full spectrum CBD in the most natural and effective way. The formula has always been simple and organic. The CBD tinctures are made from organically cultivated hemp extract which is high in CBD and over 113 other minor cannabinoids such as CBC, CBN, CBG, THCV and terpenes. Whole plant, full spectrum CBD provides an entourage effect for maximum effectiveness.


Full spectrum CBD Distillate, Organic Certified MCT Oil, Organic Certified Essential oils for flavor.


The unflavored does not have much of a taste at all, it is very similar to olive oil. This is a great choice for someone who likes to add CBD to a food or beverage, or someone who is sensitive to taste.

Having a subtle flavor your CBD oil is also very enjoyable. After you swallow the oil, the taste of the lemon or peppermint will remain for a pleasant after-taste. The lemon flavor is great for those who take CBD before bed and the peppermint flavor is great for someone who is looking for energy and focus.


For your convenience, the droppers have measurement lines to allow for easy and accurate dosing.

You can start with a smaller dose to see which serving size works for you. We recommend 1-2ml per day or as needed to see the best results.

Suggested Use:

Fill the dropper to your desired dose and place the oil under your tongue for 3-5 seconds – then swallow.

How long does it take to feel desired effects?

Taking CBD oil sublingually (under your tongue) has been a preferred method among many consumers because it is one of the fastest forms to ingest CBD. You will start to feel the desired effects in 15-20 minutes, however you will feel the best results at 1-4 hours after taking your desired dose.

What is best for beginners?

At Alive Market we understand that trying a new product can be confusing. Which is why we offer three different sizes for our regular strength tincture and one size for double strength tincture. If you are new to CBD you can try our smallest bottle (300mg – 12ml) which is the same strength as the 750mg 1oz and the 1500mg – 2oz, just our smallest size.

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