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HAWAIIAN HAZE DELTA 8 We almost couldn’t believe it when we finally paired our Hawaiian Haze with the stupendous effects of Delta 8 THC. There is no compromise in the quality of the original Hawaiian Haze. The smooth, sun-kissed floral taste explodes across your taste buds, and the smoke creates a tropical-citrus cloud that envelops the senses. We didn’t know Hawaiian Haze could get any better, but Delta 8 THC’s tranquil and clear-headed euphoria made it even more enjoyable. Locally Sourced From: Oregon. HAWAIIAN HAZE DELTA 8 EFFECTS As a Sativa dominant strain, the effects of Hawaiian Haze are felt less in the body; instead, consumption will promote an energized focus amazing for physical activity, creative work, or socializing. This is a social strain, as it has been known to get people talking! It’s a great strain to share with friends to break the ice during a creative work session or elevate a day hike into a day adventure! With the addition of Delta 8, consumers can enjoy staying active with the highly motivating nature of Hawaiian Haze. Now with the added boost of D8, providing a clear-headed yet euphoric touch. Delta 8 is great for relieving the day’s tension without becoming overbearing. With the cannabinoids and terpenes found in a high-quality strain like Hawaiian Haze, the effect is an undeniable island vacation!


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