About Us

Our journey into CBD

Eliseu & Lisa Azinheira Lisa and Eli are currently co owners in a successful optical fabrication and dispensing practice. Together they have operated the business, comprising two doctors and five front office assistants, for the past fifteen years.

Our Story

They are a family of five. Three children aged between 14 and 25 years old.

Brian, their youngest, was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma at age 11. Brian had to have his left arm reconstructed with donor bone and titanium and endured 9 months of chemo therapy. Brian’s weight dropped and he became very ill during the chemo therapy. Many medications and prescriptions were issued to try and relieve Brian and his condition.

Due to this, many desperate and exhausting hours were spent researching pediatric cancer. It was at this time that they stumbled on information that suggested that there were benefits to medical cannabis. Doctors were approached about the benefits of Marinol, a synthetic form of THC.

The Doctors suggested that this treatment should be seen as the last resort.

Eli Azinheira

The Azinheira family instructed their doctors of their desire to start their son on a regimen of the synthetic THC as soon as possible. The relief was immediate and Brian no longer felt nauseated and regained his lost weight.

Subsequently, the family has relocated to California with Brian, and the great outdoor lifestyle has certainly benefited him and the family further.

Due to the experience they decided to become a voice for children, and their families, suffering from this terrible illness that they should be aware that there are alternate options available outside of the typical pharmaceutical medications offered. 

As parents of a cancer survivor they would like to help other parents find a non traditional benefit from a natural option that alleviates the side effects of chemo therapy, rather than the often addictive prescription opioids.

Afforded the opportunity of providing such a service they will work hard to build a business of repute and with their experience and passion they look forward to making a positive contribution to their community.

They will also donate 5% of all profits and proceeds to furthering Pediatric cancer research.

Eli & Lisa Azinheira