Kamba Wellness 100mg CBD Anti-Aging Cream w/ Apple Stem Cells

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This product is truly cutting-edge anti-aging skincare regimen for both women and men. It is infused with 100mg of high-potency CBD extract. Kamba Wellness Anti-Aging Cream blends CBD, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil and Swiss Apple Stem Cells to promote both vitality and longevity to our skin’s stem cells.
This cream helps to prevent age-related skin degradation, along with the regrowth of healthy skin cell formation. Clinical trials showed a remarkable 100% of participants reported a reduction in fine lines.
Suggested Use:
Use a dime size amount each morning. Using circular motions, work lotion into your skin until absorbed fully. Use on your neck, face and upper chest. Best results come from daily use. Keep in a cool dry place – do not place in direct sunlight.
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