Mantra CBD After Sun Mask

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Got Damage from the sun or pollution? Inflammation, redness or irritation?
CBD 30mg
Restore your skin with our dynamic CBD renewal complex. The CBD After Sun Mask revives tired skin, soothes sun damage, reduces inflammation and fights free radical exposure. Bring your skin to life with over 10 powerful antioxidants including chamomile, calendula, aloe vera, and chia seed. Lock in moisture and reduce inflammation with this powerful CBD formula – you’ll be glowing in no time! KEY INGREDIENTS
Our skin ages due to a number of factors. Perhaps the single greatest factor causing premature aging is external environment damage, which is often referred to as extrinsic aging. Extrinsic aging results from external factors … sun damage (UV), air pollution, smoking, stress, lack of sleep, alcohol consumption, and poor nutrition … all are extrinsic aging contributors. Of these contributors to skin aging, research has shown UV and pollution to be the greatest causes. Solar radiation penetrates the skin and causes great

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