Kannaco 3000mg Rapid Colling CBD Roll-On

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3000mg Rapid Cooling CBD Roll-On
Experience the benefits of anytime relief. This topical is a versatile fit for all, and the best part is, you don’t even have to get it on your hands. Designed to go further and last longer, we chose a larger bottle with a net weight of 3.04 oz (90mL) and a durable applicator. Experience real relief, keep your hands dry, and roll-on.

Made with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBD, CBG, CBC, CBDV, CBN, CBDA)
Contains than 0.3% THC Per USDA Regulation (< 0.3% THC) Natural Ingredients No Artificial Fillers Organically Farmed, Non-GMO, Kansas Grown Hemp Flower Processed and Manufactured by our partner, a USA-based, cGMP, GFSI, Food Grade, FDA regulated facility Lab Tested and Purity Verified by SC Labs an ISO-9000 certified lab and just 1 of 7 Leafly certified lab partners in the nation. Ingredients 3000mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and 4% Menthol are the stars, but this blend has a methodically selected, natural ensemble of ingredients designed for maximizing relief. Ingredients:


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